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Why become a Distribution Partner

3CutPro’s Distribution Partner program is monetarily rewarding, sure, but there are benefits beyond that. Besides the commission on the contracts that you make happen, there is also the additional advantage of making quality healthcare affordable for patients. The 3CutPro Savings Program benefits the Primary Health Providers (PCPs) by saving their medication costs up to $4400 per patient per year if they prescribe specific SGLT-2 Diabetes Medications and specific medications for CHF. By doing so, the PCPs save up to 66.67% in out-of-pocket expenses for their patients.

How to Become a Distribution Partner

We would love to understand your goals in becoming a Distribution Partner and see how we can accomplish our mutual objectives together. Click on the Button below and fill out a small form to start the process of becoming a Distribution Partner with 3CutPro.

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