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MSOs, ASOs, Insurance brokers, Clinical Coordinators and Pharmacists are all somehow connected to Primary Healthcare Providers (PCPs) in the healthcare ecosystem. By serving PCPS, 3CutPro serves every other member in the said value chain and vice versa.


3CutPro helps MSOs mitigate financial risks for both clinics and their patients by saving on medication expenses.


The primary target group are the PCPs and they can save up to $4400 per patient per year with 3CutPro.

Insurance Brokers

These Guys can save medication costs for the clinics they are tied up with or even become distribution partners with 3CutPro.


3CutPro helps hospices take care of elderly patients who are prescribed specific SGLT-2 Diabetes or CHF medications.


Pharmacists and clinical coordinators have always used pill cutters: why not use one that’s worth your money!

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