Health and wellness affiliate programs amidst a pandemic

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COVID is more or less the only thing that any healthcare practice talks about anymore. The help lines are instructed to specifically provide COVID related information first before moving to any other enquiry. Evern existing medical sales reps who call Primary Healthcare Providers have to wait at least 5 minutes before he can reach the concerned desk.  
Where do Affiliate Programs come  
Affiliate programs are presently standing between many medical sales representatives and bankruptcy. This is not an exaggeration, considering how many in the medical sales community have actually posted that they are looking for jobs with the sign ‘Open to Work’ on LinkedIn.  
Criteria for choosing the best health affiliate program 

What’s In It For Me 
Obviously, the cut that you get from closing a sale is going to be the first criteria while choosing an affiliate program. It is also important to have a rock solid legal agreement drawn up and notarized by both parties before you begin work. Desperation should not mean throwing caution to the wind and jumping off a cliff.  
Who is the product helping  
A crisis is the best time to be empathetic and it is the best time to understand who you work for. You are what you do, most times in a day. It is better to work for an ethically sound organization and sleep well at night.  
Long term or short term 
Now, this varies from person to person. Some people want to commit long term while others don’t. Either ways, the first step would be to serve a probation period before they are happy with your work. So, you can do half the contemplation before you start and the other half on the job.  
How 3CutPro can help 
It is sad how the pandemic has brought medical sales folks to their knees. Choosing a good health and wellness affiliation program can help though. It can make you more money considering how the healthcare industry has been forced to turn on its head since the onset of the pandemic.  
The acclaimed 3CutPro Distribution Partner program is a health and wellness affiliate program that has seen sign ups from pharmacists and sales representatives alike. Even people who are just in sales, not medical sales mind you, can sign up and benefit from the program.  
And the best part about the program is that you would be helping the little guy while making money: you would be helping PCPs, MSOs and ACOs save money while improving patient affordability for fellow Americans. Now, can you spell ‘dream job’ for us? 

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