Why do pill cutters work for ACOs?

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When it comes to reducing healthcare costs, there is no single player in the US healthcare ecosystem holding as much significance as the ACOs – Accountable Care Organizations. These organizations typically comprise primary healthcare practitioners, specialists, clinical coordinators and other relevant stakeholders.  
Why is an ACO different? 
Former President Barack Obama signed a pact, which would allow for the aforementioned Practitioners, Specialists, etc to come together to take care of Americans under Medicare. The main aim of an ACO is to prove, year after year, that it can improve the quality of healthcare received by US citizens under Medicare while keeping the treatment costs low for the government. All these are the essential duties of an ACO but what truly differentiates ACOs from PCPs, MSOs – the other important stakeholders in the US Healthcare vertical, is communication.  
No Duplication 
There is almost zero duplication that comes between a Healthcare Provider and a Specialist. There are very few instances that they will both prescribe the same medicine again for a patient because they would be able to check the medication logged into their ACO systems. This would also mean that the same patient doesn’t purchase a particular medication twice, which is a waste of time and money.  
Cost Saving Measures – How a pill cutter can help… 
Generic pill cutters generally get a ‘Boo!’ from both Healthcare Providers and Specialists. Because, most of the generic pill cutters usually result in some form of inefficacy in medications. This is exacerbated by the lack of awareness of patients and the indifference of some pharmacists.  
Choose a patented pill cutter 
Patented pill cutters are the best in the business – this is because they are used on specific medications and the chances are that the efficacy of medication will never be compromised if you go in for a patented pill cutter.  
For example, 3CutPro has a patented pill cutter for large pills, especially specific SGLT-2 Diabetes Medications and specific medications used to treat Congestive Heart Failure or CHF. So, any ACO which has Healthcare Providers or Specialists prescribing the said medication above is going to be saving a huge amount of money.  
The way forward for ACOs 
It is an unwritten rule that ACOs have to time and again prove their efficacy in medication without going overboard on treatment costs which means that they are going to have more product companies, i.e. pill cutter manufacturers advertising the fact that pill cutters can be of great help. The real test, however, is in the curation of the list of manufacturers.  

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