Why are Multiple Pill Splitters Gaining More Patrons?

January 8, 2021 4:32 pm Published by:

Considering healthcare costs for citizens in the US, following up on prescription medication seems like an uphill task. With monthly costs for filling and refilling prescriptions reaching up to thousands of dollars, use of tablet splitters ha j     s been more prominent lately. People of all age groups and demographics have been voicing their concerns citing the expenses due to keeping up with their medication. 

Occam’s Razor 

With rising concerns regarding the steep cost of prescribed drugs, regardless of its dosage, the simplest solution seemed the best one. And that solution was splitting the tablets of higher dosage to prolong its usage. Lately there have been numerous tablet splitters coming out in the market with efficacy to reduce monthly costs which come with refilling prescriptions. Hence, a lot of pill spitters have been gaining popularity among patients and healthcare professionals as well. 

Trusted by Many 

Not only people, but many pharmacists, doctors and renowned medical practitioners along with FDA have backed the use of tablet splitter for splitting pills which are designed with a score in the middle. That score is the fine indicator for half portion of the dosage and lets people split pills. Some medicines don’t come with lower-level dosages recommended for prescription, so people split them to suit their needs. But lately, it’s not out of necessity for the perfect dosage, but for saving exorbitant costs of refilling prescriptions.  

Even ASOs, MSOs and PCPs have backed usage of pill cutters to help patients save costs up to $4000 to $5000 dollars a month on medication of common illnesses in the US like Type 2 Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure. 

Splitting the Expenses 

Apart from normal patients, eve healthcare practitioners and clinics have saved a ton of their prescription medication expenses using the pill cutters. There have been several success stories with the usage of pill cutters where PCPs have saved up to $300,000 a year on medication for patients. Clinics have not only seen savings, but also have seen profits, as high as 10%. 

Profits, savings, efficacy, all these factors have led to the rise of usage in pill cutters and increase in the patronage of the same. If you even look up online, there are multiple pill splitters which claim to take a load off your medical expenses, and rightfully so.    

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