Two-Way Pill Cutter or Three-Way Pill Cutter – Which is Better for Your Medication?

March 31, 2021 4:30 pm Published by:

You might be in the market looking out for a small pill cutter for numerous reasons. Maybe the pills are too big to swallow or lowering your medication costs seem like a reasonable assumption. Whatever might be your reasons, you should only pick the most efficacious option for yourself. 

Although you may want to use a household item such as knives, scissors, or even your teeth in order to split pills, this can be hard and is not advised. For that, there are pill cutters. Pill splitters of every shape and size offers a safe, reliable and accurate method. However, not every pill cutter is equal. 

2-Way or 3-Way Pill Cutter, Is the One Better Than Another? 

Before we get started on the comparison, you have to make sure that the pills you are trying to cut, are meant for splitting. Also, you might need your doctor’s permission to split your pills in half or thirds. If your pills are scored down at the middle, then a 2-way pill cutter would be the right choice. But if your pill doesn’t have any scores on it, then you can go with a 3-Way pill cutter.  

Looking at the savings, 2-Way pill cutter can help you save 50% of your prescription medication costs, but with 3-Way pill splitters, that number rises up to 67%. So economically speaking, 3-Way cutters have an edge over the other. It also has been noticed by many users that smaller the pill size, more easily it can be swallowed. Smaller pill pieces even have a better absorption rate as well. The larger or whole pills are held together by binding agents, which might make it hard for your body to absorb the pills but if those pieces are crushed or split, then those pieces can easily be assimilated. 

The Verdict 

Comparing the benefits by ingesting smaller pill pieces with larger ones, 3-Way pill cutters seem like an optimal choice. Not only they help you save a ton of money as compared to 2-Way cutters but the pills also help your body in the long run, showing quick and better results.   

There are many 3-way pill cutters in the market which can be good options if you are looking for better savings on your medication.      

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